post-image 2021: What Happened in the No Code Industry This Year?

What a year for No Code. In 2021, the industry got bigger than ever. The number of tools available to developers has grown exponentially, and so has the number of businesses being built on them. This article is going to cover the most important new tools that came out this year, together with the platforms […]

post-image No Code Platform Abstra Raises $2.3M

In our article 2021: What Happened in No Code, we mentioned how the increasing number of No Code startups in YCombinator, one of the most famous business accelerators in the world, is promising a promising future for the whole industry. Sure enough, one of these ventures, Abstra, has taken a huge step and secured a […]

post-image No Code SaaS CaptivateIQ Reaches Unicorn Status After $1.25B Valuation

Along with $100M in funding, Captivate IQ has raised the standards of Commission Management and Sales Automation. Many top companies still use spreadsheets and static data to manage their sales incentives and commissions. According to the co-founder Mark Schopmeyer, “CaptivateIQ is part of a new wave of Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solutions that have sprung […]

post-image Appcues grabs $32M in Series B Funding Round

When the innovative platform for improving user onboarding launched about eight years ago, it asked the question: “Why can you build a website in minutes, but getting something live in your product takes weeks?”. Today, Appcues has raised $32M in a Series B investment round to finally answer it. Appcues as a User Onboarding Tool […]

post-image Thunkable, No Code Mobile App Development Platform Raises $30 Million

Thunkable is one of the leaders of the No Code Movement. It was launched by Arun Saigal (CEO) and WeiHua Li (CTO) with the idea of democratizing digital innovation for non-technical developers. Since its launch, Thunkable has evolved its functionalities and created a No Code community of 3 million users from 184 different countries creating […]

post-image No Code Builder Softr Becomes Product Hunt's 2021 Product of the Year

Softr 2.0, which launched at the beginning of 2021, has been announced the product of the year by Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a community that allows product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest trends in tech. Every year they host an event called “Golden Kitty Awards” to celebrate all of the […]

post-image Introducing RAMPP, a No Code Platform to Build NFT Communities

The year 2022 has finished a quarter, we can see the popularity of No Code tech increasing  exponentially. Apart from No Code, there is another buzz going on in the investment and digital artwork industry. Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs. There are still extreme views on whether it’s just a fad or an investment opportunity. But […]

post-image Coda 3.0, Say Hello to the New All-In-One Doc.

Coda has made a huge announcement on 24th Feb 2022. They have launched Coda 3.0, the third version of their collaborative all-in-one doc maker, which aims to make the platform fundamentally more efficient and accessible for people. While the last update, Coda 2.0, launched in late 2019 had some simple UI changes, this one is […]

post-image Warp Grabs $23M Funding to Build ‘The Terminal for the 21st Century’

Last week, we witnessed a huge launch on Product Hunt. Remember the black screen in the movie ‘The Matrix’ with raining green code? That platform is a terminal. For the past 40 years (the beginning of coding), these terminals have been pretty much the same. Until Zach Lloyd decided to come in with Warp, a […]

post-image Amazon Launched SageMaker Canvas - a No Code Machine Learning Tool

Machine learning provides organizations with powerful capabilities of business planning, when it comes to demand forecasting, improving the efficiency of processes, and more. With No Code being the great equalizer in software development, it would make sense that machine learning would also be implemented in this category of software. And with AWS (Amazon Web Services) […]

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