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post-image 13 Excellent Chatbot Examples - How Do Companies Automate Business Processes?

Chatbots or chat apps that use artificial intelligence and complex workflows to receive, interpret and respond to messages have been growing in popularity over the past few years. According to Invesp, 67% of global consumers have had an interaction with a chatbot within the past 12 months. A chatbot is a type of computer software that uses […]

post-image Webflow vs Squarespace 2022 - Do You Need a Pro or Basic Website Builder?

A small business in 2022 simply cannot flourish without an online presence. And no, when we say online presence, we don't mean a Facebook page or a traditional mailer. While those are useful in digital transformation, they are not the primary resources for developing a solid digital footprint. A strong digital presence eventually translates to […]

post-image 2022 Webflow Review: Full Breakdown Of All-In-One Web Design Tool 

The market is saturated with a lot of other website builders offering easy-to-use tools that could solve all web design challenges. But when you use them, you discover several shortcomings in both the developmental and design aspects. Just a few keep to their promise.  When creating a website, a few different tools are used. From […]

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