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You may be faced with a difficult decision when it comes to product development. Should you use No Code tools or should you rely on traditional software development practices? Take the quiz to find out.
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Top 5 No Code HR Tools to Empower Your Department
The true secret behind any successful project is the hardworking team behind it. Human resources are the most important function of a business. Screening, Selecting, Scheduling, Recruiting, and Onboarding. Everything comes under the supervision of the HR department. These processes have a lot of men...
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5 No Code Sales Tools That Will Change Your Sales Strategy Forever
In the past, if a sales team wanted to add a simple new feature to their CRM, they had to go through a long process. Creating a brief about the update, explaining it to the developers and testing the features. This used to take days or even weeks. Now, times have changed. Advanced tools and [&hellip...
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No Code AI - What Is It and How Will It Change Our Lives?
Although we are yet to see flawless Artificial Intelligence tech, it has surely shown significant growth and innovation in the past decade. According to a study by Forbes, 83% of executives believe AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today, while 75% of executives say that AI will allow ...
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6 No Code Marketing Tools That Will Save You Valuable Time
No Code tools are becoming popular as every business needs a functional, faster, and easier way to implement ideas and automate workflows. They have had a huge impact on each business function and marketing is no exception. Today, we have curated a list of 6 No Code marketing tools for your marketin...
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Why We Built Code or No Code

We’ve been there - You’re starting a new product, but you don’t know if it makes sense to hire a team of developers or use No Code tools.
We've seen too many companies get into trouble by hiring the developer agency without doing the proper research of what’s possible. It's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to spend $50k+ on developing software that was never used after launch.
We’ve built this quiz so you could decide beforehand whether you should choose No Code tools or software development as your primary method of product development.
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No Code MVP & Software Development

Let’s build native apps, web apps or other software in weeks and not years.

Custom Software Development with Code

Scaling rapidly? Or maybe serving enterprises? Let’s get in touch and we’ll decide how to build the product that helps you.
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About us

Code or No Code is created by the founders of two agencies - Idea Link - a no code agency and Bright Projects - a software development agency. We’ve realised when collaborating that some solutions are better built with No Code and some by purely coding.
Working together we can help entrepreneurs go from a No Code MVP to a fully scalable solution built with code when they’re ready. Sometimes it might be best to even have some parts of your product in No Code and some developed for you. Reach out to us if you need help with your projects!

Rokas Jurkėnas - Founder of Idea Link

Linas Kiguolis - Founder of Bright Projects

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