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Adalo Review 2023: Build and Launch Your First App in Days

What is Adalo ?

Build apps quickly and easily with a drag-and-drop interface. Available for Android, iOS and web apps. Adalo provides a lot of control over the design of your app, with features on par with the latest design tools. You can also add a chat and push notifications, booking, requesting, payments, etc.

Our take

Adalo is a great choice for those who are learning how to save on developer costs and make their own app. Its capability to launch mobile apps to the public straight from the platform makes the whole process so much easier, especially for amateur users.

Makers that want to build apps and prototypes without writing code will also enjoy this program, as it is easier to use than some other platforms in the niche, such as Bubble.

If you are a serious enterprise, however, and will be building an app with thousands of users at a time, we would advise shooting for a more powerful platform, as Adalo’s apps do not scale very well, with poor performance reported by users in such cases.

Read our Adalo review below to find out more.

Pros and Cons of Adalo

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  • Cons

Very Easy to Use

Adalo is one of the easiest to use app builders in the No Code app builder market. It is a great choice for those just starting with app development or others who want to build simple apps as quickly as possible.

Straightforward Publishing to App Stores

The platform offers the possibility to publish your work as a native mobile app straight to the App Store and Google Play, which makes the process of shipping your creation a breeze.

Native Mobile App and Web App Capability

The apps created with Adalo are mobile-first, but you can also publish them as web apps on a custom domain, if you want. This gives you more flexibility in building an application.

Large Library of Drag-and-Drop Components

The No Code platform has 25 different types of components you can add to your app without coding knowledge, with hundreds of design variants. These should be enough for any basic app you can think of.

Built-in App Analytics Dashboard

Adalo offers an internal dashboard for every app you build on the platform, which can be used for tracking how your clients use your application: which pages are the most visited, which functions are the most interacted with and more.

Slow Performance When Scaled

Users of the platform report slow performance in apps that have scaled beyond around a thousand of users per day. Therefore, you should keep your options open for moving to a more scalable platform like Bubble or Thunkable once your app really takes off.

Feature Set is Lacking

When compared to other, more advanced No Code platforms, the features you can utilize in the apps you build with Adalo are lacking. For example, the platform does not have third party authentication, so your users will not be able to log in using their Google or Facebook accounts. In addition, defining multiple or conditional states are also features that advanced users may miss.

Users Report Numerous Bugs

As Adalo is a relatively new app builder, the development team has not had the time to perfectly optimize its operations. As a result, you may run into more bugs than in other, older No Code tools.

Lack of GDPR Support

Adalo is not GDPR certified, which means that, essentially, you will not be able to fully legally serve customers located in the European Union with your web or mobile app.

Customer Support Could Be Improved

Users of the app complain that the customer support capabilities of the platform leave much to be desired. When building more complicated apps, users often get stuck without a clear resolution or help from Adalo staff.

Adalo App Builder Integrations

Adalo has an average amount of native integrations which include Zapier, Make, Google Maps, Google Suite, Stripe, Zoom, Airtable, Mailchimp and a few more. Overall, the list of native integrations of Adalo is nothing to rave about - there are numerous competitors with more flexible capabilities in this regard.
The tool also has the capability to connect any external tool that features a Rest API, if a native integration is not present. This feature is also standard across its competitors.

app built with adalo app builder

Tools to Integrate With Adalo


Make is an automation tool that you can use to connect different software together, such as linking actions in your app to write an automatic message on Slack, send you or your customers an email with Omnisend, update a database in your CRM or Google Sheets.

make automation builder


Hubspot is a CRM tool for tracking your customers and their status in your funnel, so they can be contacted by your colleagues accordingly. It can be connected to your Adalo app to, for example, create a new customer entry in your team’s Hubspot CRM when someone registers on your Adalo app.

hubspot crm adalo integration


Omnisend is email marketing software which is optimized for ecommerce applications. You can use Omnisend to send marketing emails and email notifications to the users of your app. For example, you can send a customer that has just bought something on your app a confirmation of their purchase or a discount code to encourage them to buy again.

omnisend email builder

Ease of Use

Adalo is one of the easiest tools to use compared to other No Code platforms for building apps. We find its visual programming interface easy to understand, while the connections between an app's database, frontend and backend are logical and fluent.

We can confidently recommend the Adalo platform for anyone just starting out with application development, as the easiest gateway into the digital maker community.

a mobile application built with adalo app builder

If you know what you want to build, it is possible to create a simple app in under a week, which is not always the case with other tools in this niche.

Adalo alternatives

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Ease of Use 4.5 4.5 3.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
Cost-Effectiveness 5 4.5 4 3.5 4 4
SEO 4 4 5 4.5 3 3.5
Support and
4 4 4.5 4 3.5 4.5
Design Flexibility 4 4 5 3.5 3 4
Speed 4.5 3 4.5 4.5 5 3.5
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Is Adalo the Right Website Builder for Me?

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  • Not Recommended If

You Want to Save Developer Costs

If you are in the first stages of considering switching from hired software developers to doing the development in-house yourself, Adalo is an excellent tool to begin with. With it, you will unlock the world of No Code at your fingertips, with multiple times faster development and easier maintenance of software.

adalo review: user interface

You Want to Test the Idea of Your Own App

If you have always dreamt of launching your own digital business or want to build a quick prototype of an app to show to investors, colleagues or friends, Adalo should be your first choice to meddle with.

You Are Learning to Build Mobile Apps

If your fingers are itching to build an app yourself for the first time, Adalo should be your first choice. You can build a simple app without much technical knowledge and the platform has numerous tutorials to explain how apps work and should be built. Once your requirements get more complicated, you can switch to other, more powerful software.

You Need an App for Thousands of Users at a Time

If you are a well-established business with an existing user base that will build an external user-facing app, you should probably think about more powerful tools such as Bubble or Thunkable. Adalo’s apps do not fare well when under the stress of thousands of users at a time.

Your App Will Handle European User Data

If you have plans to serve an app to customers in the EU, you should use another platform which has EU-based servers. Because Adalo is not in line with GDPR, you might come into legal trouble if your European users complain about the privacy and security of their data.

building a mobile app with adalo

You Need a Powerful No Code Platform

If you are an experienced No Code app builder, you will probably be disappointed by Adalo, as it lacks some essential advanced features. For example, you cannot export the code of your app, while the only available in-app payment option is through Stripe.


In conclusion, Adalo is a very capable No Code native mobile app and web app builder for amateur and advanced amateur users.

The process of building an app with Adalo is easy and accessible, so is the eventual publishing of your creation to Apple and Android’s application stores. We would love to see third party authentication and the ability to export your app’s code added some day, but for now, advanced users should look to more capable tools such as Bubble or Thunkable.

If you are on your way to build your first app, however, Adalo is a great place to start.

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