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Appy Pie Review 2023: The Easiest Platform to Build an App With?

What is AppyPie ?

This easy to use platform boasts the ability to create light and fast native apps that are built on a safe platform and are GDPR compliant. The apps have offline capabilities and real time updates when you make any changes. The platform has a 7 day free trial.

Our take

Appy Pie is a competent app builder primarily for the amateur user. Its strengths include lightning-fast and helpful customer support, strong e-commerce capabilities and ease of use.

However, users should be aware of the limited customization options, the fact that the range of actual apps that can be made with the tool is quite limited and finally, the price, which is surprisingly high.

We can recommend Appy Pie as a tool to start your amateur app developer journey with, but you will want to upgrade to a more serious tool sooner or later.

Pros and Cons of AppyPie

  • Pros
  • Cons

Very Easy to Build a Basic App

Appy Pie is one of the fastest app builders to use if you do not need advanced features in your app. A basic, template-based app will only take you a few hours to build if you know what you are doing.

Excellent Customer Support

According to Appy Pie reviews on the web, the app builder has amazing technical staff that responds quickly to your inquiries. You can schedule calls with the support staff to get guaranteed help, even every day if you need to.

Optimized for e-Commerce Apps

Making apps for e-commerce is one of the best use cases for Appy Pie. The store you build can be connected to many e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, Shopify and more. The builder also provides member card and loyalty program functionality.

Not Very Powerful

The Appy Pie app builder is certainly not one of the most powerful tools in the niche. If you need complex backend systems or advanced analytics, look for other builders such as Bubble or Zoho Creator. Other functions such as PDF downloading, changing units from metric to imperial, duplicating e-commerce products and some others are not available.

Not Many Templates to Choose From

Appy Pie does not give many options for customization. There are 15 templates for different app types in total. The color schemes of the apps could be improved as well. Generally, any app you make will look similar to most of the apps already built with the tool.

Expensive Plans

The Appy Pie app builder is not as cheap as one might expect, with it obviously targeting the amateur app maker. Firstly, it does not offer a free plan, only a free trial. Secondly, you have to pick the most expensive plan to be able to publish your app on the Apple App Store. Finally, even the aforementioned premium plan does not get rid of the Appy Pie branding in your app, which is a special feature that doubles the monthly price of your current plan.

Appy Pie App Maker Integrations

The app builder can be integrated with over 1000 different apps, including Microsoft Teams, the Zoho Suite, Miro, Mailchimp and more. It can also be connected to other Appy Pie apps such as the CRM, mail or design software. 

However, it does not have a native integration capability with automation tools such as Zapier or Make, which limits the amount of time you can save by automating responses to actions users take in your app. 

Tools to Integrate With Appy Pie


ClickUp is a cloud-based project management tool that provides a comprehensive set of features for managing tasks, projects, and teams. It offers a wide range of functionalities, including task tracking, time management, team collaboration, project planning, and more, all in a single platform.

appy pie integrations: clickup

The two platforms could be integrated seamlessly so that certain actions in one would cause actions in the other. For example, if a new user registers on your Appy Pie app, a task could automatically be created in ClickUp to get in touch with this person. 


Coda is a cloud-based productivity platform that allows users to create and share documents, spreadsheets, and databases that are highly customizable and interactive.

building a doc with coda

Coda can be integrated with Appy Pie to use Coda as a backend database for an app you are making. This allows to input and track customer data into Coda by hand, generate reports, and communicate with other team members all in one place and in real-time.


Omnisend is an email marketing tool that allows you to create and send targeted email campaigns to users. Use with Omnisend to automatically send email notifications to the users of your app. 

For example, they can receive an email when they complete certain actions such as creating a user or reaching a certain milestone.

omnisend email builder

Ease of Use

Appy Pie is a platform that proves to be very easy to use. If you have developed apps with similar software before, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the Appy Pie app builder and even its advanced features in 30 minutes. 

mobile app built with appy pie app builder

Building apps is fast and easy too if you are using templates and don’t need your product to be complex. A simple app can be thrown together in over an hour by someone who knows what they are doing. 

The Appy Pie app builder has really improved its learning materials and guides over the last few years. They explain how to use all the features and lead you on a path of publishing your work on the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

Finally, the technical department responds quickly to most inquiries, so even if you do encounter a problem, it should be solved with ease. The support team also helps you with publishing your app on the aforementioned stores, which can be a daunting task for some. 

AppyPie alternatives

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Overall Rating
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Ease of Use 4.5 4.5 3.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
Cost-Effectiveness 5 4.5 4 3.5 4 4
SEO 4 4 5 4.5 3 3.5
Support and
4 4 4.5 4 3.5 4.5
Design Flexibility 4 4 5 3.5 3 4
Speed 4.5 3 4.5 4.5 5 3.5
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Is AppyPie the Right Website Builder for Me?

  • Recommended If
  • Not Recommended If

You Want to Learn Building Apps

The builder is surprisingly user friendly for amateurs. Sure, the UX is not the best we have seen in this category (that award would probably have to go to Zoho Creator), but that does not stop the Appy Pie app builder to be one of the best choices if it is your first time building a mobile or web application.

building a chatbot with appy pie

You Need an e-Commerce App

This platform is ideal for small businesses needing to build their application for e-commerce. It features convenient integrations with the most popular platforms and templates to get you started. Populating your inventory might get annoying if you have a lot of similar products, as there is no product duplication feature at this point, but in our opinion, that is a minor setback.

You Need to Build a Simple App Quickly

The builder’s user-friendly nature and customer support which provides great technical help makes Appy Pie a good option for individuals and businesses that are just starting out with their own application. A simple, template-based app with a small degree of brand customization should not take you more than a week to build if you are just starting out.

You Are an Advanced App Developer

Simply put, Appy Pie is just too limited if you are an experienced app developer. In addition, with so many features locked behind a paywall, advanced users should really look into any other platform such as Bubble or Zoho Creator.

building a mobile app with appy pie app builder

You Are on a Budget

The platform’s cheeky pricing is not very transparent about how expensive it can get. If you want to build an application without Appy Pie branding and publish it to the Apple Store, that will set you back $120 per month. If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, we recommend checking out Adalo.

You Need a Complex App

Appy Pie is simply not flexible enough to make complicated apps such as an Uber or Tinder alternative, despite the advertising. The platform has to be integrated with a plethora of third-party services to make that possible, which will surely affect the performance negatively. If you need a complex, custom app, we suggest turning to Zoho Creator or Bubble.


In conclusion, the Appy Pie app builder is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for creating mobile applications. Its drag-and-drop interface and extensive library of features make it an excellent choice for those without prior coding experience.

While there are limitations to customization, the app builder still offers a range of options for creating a professional-looking app (just be aware that it will be similar to most of the other apps built with Appy Pie).

The pricing plans can prove to be very expensive though, depending on your needs. Overall, Appy Pie is a great option for amateurs and advanced amateurs looking to create a mobile app quickly and easily.

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