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Midjourney Review: The Best AI Image Generator For Now?

Domantas Alosevičius

Currently, there are many artificial intelligence image generators available, and most of them are of decent quality. However, Midjourney stands out as the most exciting one. 

Midjourney review

We have previously expressed our admiration for Midjourney, particularly with the recent launch of V6, which is one of the most impressive AI tools available.

A quick disclaimer for this review: all images have been generated with the V6 model, as I think it is better than the previous ones.

What is Midjourney?

This AI operates similarly to other image-generating models. Users input a text prompt, and the AI interprets it to create a visual representation.

Midjourney’s AI is particularly adept at producing visually rich and imaginative images. It has been used in various applications, including artistic creation, design, and visualizing concepts that are difficult to articulate in words.

Is Midjourney legitimate?

Yes, Midjourney is generally considered a legitimate and trustworthy AI image-generation platform. 

Is Midjourney free?

Currently, Midjourney is not available for free and does not offer any free trials. If you are interested in using it, refer to the pricing information below:

  • Basic Plan: $10 per month or $96 annually
  • Standard Plan: $30 per month or $288 annually
  • Pro Plan: $60 per month or $576 annually
  • Mega Plan: $120 per month or $1152 annually

What are the pros of Midjourney?

What are the pros of Midjourney?

Midjourney, an AI image generation platform, boasts several pros that make it appealing to artists, designers, and creative individuals alike. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Endless Prompts: Midjourney generates various art prompts based on your input, helping you overcome creative blocks and explore uncharted artistic territories.
  • Low barrier to entry: Compared to traditional art forms, Midjourney requires minimal technical expertise, making it accessible to a broader audience.
  • Diverse Styles: Experiment with a wide range of artistic styles effortlessly, from photorealism to abstract paintings, expanding your creative horizon.
  • Plans: The basic plan is affordable and less expensive than Netflix. It is a cost-effective AI art generator.
  • Quality: I have tried many tools in the past, but Midjourney is the most impressive. It can easily generate photo-realistic pictures, sometimes indistinguishable from those made by humans. 
  • Customization: Midjourney offers extensive customization options for generated images. Users can modify specific parts of the picture, adjust zoom levels, select different Midjourney models, upscale images in various ways, and generate even more variations of the original image.
  • Type a prompt to get four variations: I love this feature. Every time I enter a prompt, I am presented with four distinct AI-generated images to choose from. The AI adjusts the images based on the text I provide. I used to dislike tweaking the prompt repeatedly to get the desired image with other image generators, but now it’s much easier.

What are the downsides of Midjourney?

Like all other AI tools, Midjourney is not perfect. Here are a few downsides I encountered while using it:

  • Slow image generation: Midjourney can be slow to generate images.
  • Chaos in the cheaper plans: The trial version of Midjourney can be overwhelming due to the number of messages and images that appear on the screen on Discord. Although, as an upside, you can find some prompts from others that you can use.
  • Availability: Midjourney is only available through Discord, which might not be convenient for all users.
  • Problems generating people: If you have used this tool for some time, you may have noticed that it struggles to create realistic people in images with more than three or four individuals, similar to other AI-generated tools.

7 Examples of very different images generated by Midjourney

I can give thousands of examples of photorealistic images and how powerful this tool is. So I am going to give you a few examples that will be very different in terms of the prompts. Some prompts will be very short and others will be longer to show you what can be achieved when used properly.

Prompt 1: Made-up Car

This is a simple one. I wanted to try and combine two cars: McLaren and Porsche into one car. Here is the prompt:

Advanced sports car, futuristic, in the style of Mclaren and Porsche white with a little bit of black, metallic paint on the car, aerodynamic shape, in a luxurious car dealership, 21:9

Prompt 1: Made-up Car

Prompt 2: Celebrity

Now let’s say I want to do something different. How about a celebrity who does something unusual? Here is the prompt:

Scene from Star Wars, Tom Hanks in black robes with a red lightsaber

Prompt 2: Celebrity

Prompt 3: Digital custom poster

Let’s do something with a longer prompt and way more specific. Here is the prompt for a poster:

Design a digital poster for a board game called Parks that is about national parks, there should be a a bear in the poster with a focus on nature, seems very relaxing, inspired by the works of Malika Favre. The color palette should be limited to warm tones of blue, orange, and yellow. The lighting should be minimalist, with a focus on using bold shapes and colors to create a sense of contrast. The composition should be clean and simple, with a focus on the natural landscape. Please use a high-resolution camera with a 50mm lens to capture the sharpness and clarity of the poster.

Prompt 3: Digital custom poster

Prompt 4: Made-up Character in Disney style

Let’s see how Midjourney can do animated characters like Pixar. Here is the image generated and the prompt:

A character in the style of Disney animation. The character is a futuristic space marine with two pistols, black armor, and red details on the armor.

Prompt 4: Made-up Character in Disney style

Midjourney has no problems with most images, but sometimes it has problems creating a certain style, as in this example. It seems to create an image based on some video games and not on Disney.

Prompt 5: Cartoon

I wanted to make a real cartoon this time. So I simplified the prompt to make something more animated:

Cartoon of two cars racing, drivers throwing obstacles from their cars

Prompt 5: Cartoon

Prompt 6: Realizing ideas

Now we will try again with a slightly longer prompt to get some customisation of the image I want. Here is the prompt for the image from Midjourney AI:

In the center of the conference hall, a huge IT technology map hung. The map marked the locations of the biggest IT companies in the world. In the center of the map is a Bubble lamp logo, symbolizing the backbone of the IT industry. Patterns of various elements are scattered around the map, such as computers, code, phones, apps, software

Prompt 6: Realizing ideas

Prompt 7: House Interior

I think what Midjourney AI does best is the interiors of the houses. I can’t tell if it’s AI-generated or not. It’s hard for AI to mess up an interior as all the elements are pretty basic. Again, here is the prompt and example I chose: 

The interior of a huge house, Scandinavian windows that go for two stories, a wooden house, modern design

Prompt 7: House Interior

Is Midjourney better than Dall-E?

Yes, I would say that it is better. Although both are powerful AI image generators with their strengths and weaknesses, the “better” choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. 

But just for comparison, here are some examples of the same prompt from Midjourney and Dall-E. There is a photorealistic image and an animated image.

Example 1

Vector art, an animated raccoon with clothes, holding a flag

Midjourney Example

Midjourney Example

Dall-E Example

Dall-E Example

Example 2

Photo-realistic image of a person sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and eating an apple pie

Midjourney Example

Midjourney Example 2

Dall-E Example

Dall-E Example 2

As you can see, although Midjourney produces more images, they are of a higher quality than Dall-E. Although I have to admit that these prompts are very simple and you could get more from Dall-E with longer text prompts, it just shows that Midjourney is miles ahead.

Do I own my Midjourney art?

Midjourney in their TOS state: You will own all assets created using the Services to the fullest extent permitted by law, subject to any obligations imposed by this Agreement and the rights of third parties.

However, if you are a company or an employee of a company with more than $1,000,000 in annual revenue, you must subscribe to a “Pro” or “Mega” plan to own your assets.

Please note that if you upscale images created by others, the original creators will retain ownership of those images.

If you require more information about the current state of intellectual property law in your jurisdiction, please consult your lawyer.

Is Midjourney the best AI?

At the moment I would say yes for the image generation. The image quality of this tool is next level. I also use Dall-E a lot, but I like Midjourney much more.

The fact that you only need a few sentences to create a very precise image is crazy with Midjourney. My Dall-E prompts that I use are 10 times longer than Midjourney.

But that is my opinion, I would highly recommend you try it out for yourself and see if it is worth it. Because it can be a valuable tool.

Is Midjourney worth it?

Is Midjourney worth it?

I would say yes. Even if you don’t want to use it for work, it’s a great AI tool to play with because the possibilities are endless. And you can get the cheapest plan for $10 a month, all you need is a Discord account.

At the moment, it’s safe to say that it’s the best tool for creating images and AI-generated art. However, with the announcement of Sora and the launch of Gemini in 2024, this may not be true for long.

I would suggest checking out other AI content creation tools to see which one you like better, as many of them, like Midjourney, have their pros and cons.


Domantas Alosevičius

Domantas Alosevičius

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