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Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Which is the more powerful AI writing tool?

Domantas Alosevičius

AI writing tools are some of the most widely used tools out there. With just a few clicks, they can create complete blog posts or articles. Choosing the best one can be a difficult decision, so we’re going to compare two of the most used AI tools for creating AI-generated content: Jasper AI vs Copy AI.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI

As with all AI tools, I would suggest that when using popular AI writing tools to create content, you should always review and edit the content, as they are designed to help you with your tasks, not to replace content creation altogether. If everyone starts using AI content, the internet will be filled with horrible things to read.

What is Copy AI?

What is Copy AI? is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps users create different kinds of content, primarily focused on marketing and sales copy. It uses artificial intelligence to generate creative text formats, helping overcome writer’s block and speeding up the content creation.’s AI Marketing OS and AI Sales OS provide innovative solutions for marketing and sales teams. These platforms are designed to boost campaign effectiveness and sales performance.

Copy AI features

  • Campaign Scalability: It simplifies the process of expanding marketing efforts. It’s well-suited for growing businesses and large enterprises.
  • Editing and Refinement: Users can easily edit and refine the generated content within the platform. 
  • Customizable Features: Tailor your marketing campaigns to your specific needs. It offers a range of options to fit different marketing strategies.
  • Describe image: Takes an image URL and generates a text description of the image.
  • Scrape URLs: Scrape web pages and answer questions using the scraped data.
  • Search the web: Search the web for information and answer questions.
  • Translate: Translate text from one language to another using AI.
  • Check for plagiarism: Check copy on the web for plagiarism.
  • AI Writing Assistant: uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to provide real-time writing suggestions and assistance. It can generate headlines, blog intros, product descriptions, social media posts, ad copy, and more.

Copy AI Drawbacks

  • Inconsistent Quality: The outputs can be hit or miss. While some content might be great, others can be generic, contain factual errors, or lack the human touch. You’ll need to edit and refine the AI-generated content to make sure it’s polished and accurate.
  • Limited Creativity: Don’t expect to come up with completely original ideas or write anything super creative. It’s better for basic content creation and helping you get started, but for complex concepts or a unique voice, a human writer is still the way to go.
  • Accuracy Concerns: doesn’t do deep research, so you’ll want to fact-check anything it generates, especially for factual topics.
  • Lack of integrations: Copy AI does not have many official integrations.

What is Jasper AI?

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is an AI content platform that helps users create different types of text and even generate images. It can be a useful tool for writers, marketers, and anyone who needs to produce content regularly. 

Jasper AI Copilot is a dynamic tool for today’s marketing teams. It offers a range of features designed to improve the content creation process. These include AI-powered writing, language translation, and image generation. It’s designed to streamline workflows and improve content quality.

Overall, Jasper acts as a writing assistant that can save you time and effort while inspiring creativity. Paired with AI design tools it can become a valuable asset if used properly.

Jasper AI Features

  • Company Knowledge: It helps combine content with brand-specific messaging and style.
  • AI-Assisted Content: Jasper assists in quickly developing content. It helps turn briefs into comprehensive campaigns, supporting creativity and consistency.
  • Analytics and Insights: The tool offers actionable insights for content optimization. This leads to better marketing performance.
  • Integrations and Extensions: It seamlessly integrates with various platforms. This includes browser extensions and a versatile API.
  • Multimodal Capabilities: Jasper supports both text and image generation. This provides a more comprehensive content creation toolkit.

Jasper AI Drawbacks

  • Content Accuracy: Jasper relies on the information it finds online to generate content. This means it can be inaccurate for niche topics or areas with limited online data. You’ll still need to fact-check and edit the output.
  • Lack of Originality: Jasper excels at following established writing patterns, but it can struggle with unique or creative content. The writing may come across as generic without a human touch.
  • Not Ideal for All Topics: Jasper struggles with overly technical subjects or anything requiring in-depth reasoning. It performs best with clear-cut topics with plenty of online data available.
  • Potential for Factual Errors: Since Jasper pulls from online sources, it can inherit factual errors present in that data. Double-checking the information it generates is crucial.
  • Non-human text: Often you will still find phrases that people will not use.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI integrations

Jasper AI vs Copy AI integrations

Copy AI integrations

Copy AI has just a few official integrations compared to Jasper AI. Here are they:

  • The Runs Sheet: Sheet for multiple runs with a CSV/XLS file.
  • API Integration: Workflows API for triggering workflows and getting details.
  • Zapier App: boost your workflows by connecting with Zapier. Use Zapier’s “Zaps” to link’s content generation with other tools.

Copy AI has other custom integrations with Make and AppyPie, but Copy AI only advertises these few official integrations.

Jasper AI integrations

Jasper AI integrations

Let’s look at some key integrations:

  • Webflow App: Streamlines content generation in Webflow. With Jasper Webflow App, users easily create and modify content directly within Webflow.
  • Google BigQuery: Enables database-driven content creation. Jasper’s integration with Google Cloud BigQuery allows for scalable content generation.
  • Google Sheets Add-On: Facilitates bulk content creation. Users can make multiple Jasper API calls within Google Sheets for efficient content generation.
  • Microsoft Word Add-In: Brings Jasper’s capabilities to Word documents. It integrates Jasper’s Brand Voice and Knowledge Base directly into Microsoft Word.
  • Google Docs Add-On: Simplifies content creation in Google Docs. This add-on leverages Jasper’s Brand Voice and Knowledge Base features within Docs.
  • Chrome Extension: Extends AI capabilities to your browser. Jasper’s Chrome extension brings AI-assisted content creation to wherever you work online.
  • Zapier Integration: Connects Jasper to other apps. With Jasper’s Zapier integration, users can create custom AI-assisted workflows.
  • Make Integration: Offers visual automation with Jasper. Connect Jasper to Make’s platform to build tasks, workflows, and systems.
  • Pabbly Connect: Connects Jasper to various business tools. Pabbly Connect allows for easy data integration between Jasper and other services.
  • Surfer SEO Add-On: Helps in SEO-driven content creation. Jasper’s integration with Surfer SEO helps in analyzing and optimizing content for search rankings.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI pricing

Copy AI pricing

Copy AI pricing

Free Plan ($0/month)

  • Best for Individuals starting with AI-powered solutions.
  • Features: 1 Seat, 2,000 words in chat, 200 bonus credits.
  • Commitment: Free forever, no credit card needed.

Pro Plan ($49/month)

  • Target audience: Entrepreneurs or small teams.
  • Includes: 5 seats, unlimited chat words, and 500 workflow credits per month.
  • Billing: Monthly.

Team Plan ($249/month)

  • Ideal for Growing teams incorporating AI in daily routines.
  • Offers: 20 seats, unlimited chat words, 3,000 workflow credits per month.
  • Billing: Monthly.

Jasper pricing

Jasper pricing

Free Trial ($0/month):

  • Features: AI chatbot, browser extension, 10,000 AI-generated words, 1 user login.
  • Support: Email support available.
  • Best For Individuals or small teams beginning to explore AI-assisted content creation.

Creator Plan ($39/month)

  • Features: All Free Trial features, plus 1 brand voice, access to SEO mode, 50+ AI templates, up to 5 additional seats at $59/seat (yearly billing).
  • Support: Includes email and live chat support.
  • Best For Content creators and small businesses focusing on brand-specific content.

Pro Plan ($59/month):

  • Features: All Creator features, 1 included seat with up to 5 additional seats, 3 brand voices, 10 knowledge assets, 3 instant campaigns, collaboration, and user management tools.
  • Support: Priority email and live chat support.
  • Best For Growing marketing teams requiring collaboration and more extensive AI assistance.

Business Plan (Custom Pricing):

  • Features: Unlimited usage of all features, custom templates and automation, API access, advanced analytics, SSO, and dedicated account management.
  • Support: Premium, dedicated support and team onboarding.
  • Best For Large enterprises needing a tailored AI solution with extensive support and customization.

Is Jasper really worth it?

Is Jasper really worth it?

It is great at generating long and short-form content, but like all AI tools, it struggles to produce readable text. For a very quick example, I asked Jasper to write a short description of it himself, here it is: 

“Jasper is a powerful AI writing assistant that specializes in long-form content generation. It’s known for swift and coherent write-ups with an impressive grasp of human language nuances, making it ideal for those wanting in-depth, original content.”

As you can see, it still uses phrases like “swift” and “human language nuances” that people just don’t write or speak that way. I would say it is better for brainstorming, outlining a blog post, or short-form content.

If you choose to use unedited Jasper content for SEO purposes, it is unlikely to rank highly any time soon. However, when used in conjunction with AI research tools, it can be a very powerful tool to make the writing process easier.

Is Copy AI really worth it?

Is Copy AI really worth it?

In my experience, Copy AI produces more human-like content than Jasper. But it also depends on the content you create, so your experience may be different. Copy AI also has more budget-friendly pricing. Here is an example where I asked Copy AI to give a brief description of itself: 

“ is another popular writing assistant that focuses on marketing and creative writing tasks. It leverages advanced AI models to help users generate copy, headlines, taglines, and other marketing-related content. aims to streamline the content creation process by providing a wide range of pre-generated templates and options for users to choose from.”

Copy AI is a very similar tool to Jasper, with an almost identical user-friendly interface and both will create high quality content.

Jasper AI vs Copy Final thoughts

Both tools are designed to produce high-quality content, but if you use them both you will find that they have their limitations. Consider trying both Jasper and Copy to see if you get better results, as it depends on the type of content you tend to create.

Jasper AI vs Copy Final thoughts

Overall, Copy AI has a better pricing model and creates more human-like content. While Jasper AI has more features for content creation and editing.

I would recommend trying both, as both Jasper and Copy AI offer free trials. But try to test them extensively as they are not the cheapest AI writing software.

If none of the tools suit you, consider contacting a company like Idea Link and they can create a custom AI solution for your business or personal needs.

I would also strongly advise you to look at other AI tools that you can use to increase your productivity: AI search engines or AI project management tools.


Domantas Alosevičius

Domantas Alosevičius

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