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Jasper vs Writesonic: Which is the better AI writing assistant?

Domantas Alosevičius

There are tons of AI writing tools to choose from, and without testing them all, it can be quite a headache to decide which is better. Both Jasper and Writesonic are very similar tools, offering the same solutions to make the content creation process easier.

Jasper vs Writesonic

In this article, I will compare the two tools to see which has better performance and more advanced features.

What is Jasper?

What is Jasper?

Jasper is an AI writing tool designed to help users create content more easily. It uses machine learning algorithms to understand and generate human-quality writing, including blog posts, marketing copy, and creative text formats.

Jasper AI Copilot is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for optimizing content creation and management. Its focus on AI-powered content development, combined with solid analytics and security features, makes it a valuable tool for teams looking to improve their content marketing strategies.

Jasper is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to create content regularly. It can help you save time, overcome writer’s block, and generate high-quality content.

What is Writesonic?

What is Writesonic?

WriteSonic is an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist in creating various types of content. Users typically provide initial input, such as a topic or a few opening sentences. WriteSonic can expand on that input to create full articles, ideas, blog posts, marketing copy, emails, and more.

The platform is part of a growing trend of AI writing assistants that aim to make content creation faster and more efficient, especially for businesses and individuals who need to produce large volumes of written material. The quality of the output can vary.

Writesonic Key features

  • AI article writer: The AI generates on-brand, factual articles swiftly. This improves your brand’s online presence.
  • SEO Optimization: The tool includes built-in keyword optimization. It helps your content rank higher on search engines.
  • Competitive Analysis: AI algorithms analyze competitor content. This feature allows you to outperform them in content quality.
  • Real-Time Trend Integration: Chatsonic, a part of this suite, integrates with Google Search. It provides real-time updates on current events and trends.
  • Multi-Format Support: Chatsonic works with various file types. It can extract and utilize information from documents, videos, and more.
  • AI-Generated Artwork: The platform can produce digital AI art. This is useful for social media and digital campaigns.
  • Team Collaboration: The tool enables team members to share prompts. This enhances productivity and teamwork.
  • Customizable AI Chatbots: Botsonic allows you to create no-code AI chatbots. These can be trained on your data for more personalized customer interactions.
  • Multilingual Support: Botsonic supports up to 30 languages. This makes it easier to reach a global target audience.

Writesonic drawbacks

Writesonic drawbacks
  • Originality concerns: Writesonic relies on existing data, which can lead to content that isn’t fully original or might resemble existing material online. This can affect SEO and raise plagiarism concerns.
  • Limited understanding of complex concepts: This AI tool might not grasp nuanced ideas or complicated topics. This bulk content generation could be factually correct but lack depth or clarity.
  • Repetitive outputs: In its effort to produce and optimize content quickly, Writesonic may fall into repetitive patterns. You might need to edit heavily to ensure the content is fresh and engaging.
  • User Interface: Some users report a cluttered interface and difficulty navigating the full range of features. The free trial may also have limitations that hinder a thorough exploration of Writesonic’s capabilities.
  • Versioning confusion: A lack of clarity around different versions of generated content can make it frustrating to choose the best option and ensure consistency.

Writesonic Integrations

Writesonic Integrations

Writesonic doesn’t offer direct integrations with other apps besides a built-in WordPress integration. However, it does offer a powerful Zapier integration.

Zapier is a popular automation tool that lets you connect different apps. With Writesonic’s Zapier integration, you can connect Writesonic to over 5,000 other apps, allowing you to automate workflows between Writesonic and your other favorite tools.

Here are some popular examples of how Writesonic can be integrated with other apps using Zapier:

  • Social media: Automatically share your Writesonic-generated content on social media platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Google Docs: Easily transfer the content you created with Writesonic to Google Docs.

Jasper key features

  • Central Content Hub: This AI tool offers a central platform for all your content needs.
  • Aligns with Brand Strategy: It helps align content with your brand’s strategy and positioning.
  • Voice and Style Consistency: Maintain consistency in brand voice and style across all content.
  • Project Management: The platform provides automated project management tools.
  • Faster Content Creation: Speeds up content creation and repurposing for various channels.
  • On-brand AI Assistance: Jasper AI aids in quickly developing on-brand content.
  • Campaigns: Converts a single brief into a full campaign in seconds.
  • AI Image Generator: Generates relevant and appealing images with simple text descriptions.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Offers AI-driven suggestions for content optimization.
  • One-click Content Improvement: Allows quick implementation of AI recommendations.
  • Direct Publishing: Enables direct publishing of optimized content to various platforms.
  • High-level Security: Ensures top-grade security and data privacy.
  • Ethical AI Practices: Commits to ethical AI use without training models on your data.
  • Compliance with Standards: Meets GDPR, SOC2, and PCI compliance requirements.
  • Jasper Everywhere: Integrates with your existing tech stack via extensions and APIs.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Compatible with tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and various SEO tools.

Jasper drawbacks

Jasper drawbacks, like other AI writing assistants, has some limitations to consider alongside its strengths. Here are some of the reported drawbacks:

  • Content Accuracy: Jasper relies on the information it finds online to generate content. So, if the source material is inaccurate, the output can be too. It’s important to fact-check and edit the generated content, especially for complex or niche topics.
  • Lack of Originality: While Jasper can mimic different tones, the writing can sometimes feel generic. It may not capture the unique voice or perspective you’d get from a human writer.
  • Not for Everything: Jasper struggles with highly technical subjects or anything where there’s not a lot of existing online information. It works best for clear, well-documented topics.

Jasper Integrations

Jasper Integrations

Jasper AI offers a range of integrations to improve marketing workflows. Here are a few of them:

  1. Jasper Everywhere: Integrates AI directly into your workflow. Allows your team to create content efficiently, regardless of their location. Streamlines content creation across various platforms.
  2. Google BigQuery Integration: Enables database-driven content generation at scale. This feature helps in handling large data sets for personalized content creation.
  3. Google Sheets Add-On: Facilitates bulk content creation. Users can run multiple API calls to Jasper to generate content in Google Sheets.
  4. Microsoft Word Add-In: Allows using Jasper directly in Word documents. It integrates trained Jasper Brand Voice and Knowledge Base for seamless content creation.
  5. Google Docs Add-On: Similar to Microsoft Word, this add-on lets users access Jasper in Google Docs. It makes content creation in Docs more efficient and tailored.
  6. Google Chrome Extension: This brings Jasper’s AI capabilities to the Chrome browser. Helps in creating better content directly in the browser, enhancing productivity.
  7. Zapier Integration: Connects Jasper with over 5,000 apps. It enables the creation of custom workflows and automation involving Jasper.
  8. Make Integration: Links Jasper to Make’s automation platform. Users can create complex tasks, workflows, and even systems with this integration.
  9. Pabbly Connect Integration: A versatile tool for connecting Jasper with various business services. Simplifies data transfer and workflow between different tools.
  10. Surfer SEO Integration: Assists in content optimization for SEO. Users can analyze and refine content to align with current SEO standards.

Jasper vs Writesonic pricing

Jasper vs Writesonic pricing

Writesonic pricing

Free Plan

  • Cost: $0 per month
  • Ideal for testing Writesonic
  • Includes: 1 user, 50 generations/day, 25 credits (one-time), No Brand Voice, Standard features only

Chatsonic Pro Plan

  • Cost: $15 per month
  • For individual users focusing on Chatsonic
  • Includes: 1 user, Unlimited file chat. Unlimited image generation. Advanced ChatGPT with Google integration. No standard or advanced features

Individual Plan

  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Tailored for freelancers and content writers
  • Includes: 1 user. Generate unlimited words. 1 Brand Voice. 50 credits/month. Full Chatsonic features

Teams Plan

  • Cost: $30 per month
  • Designed for businesses and agencies
  • Includes: 1 user (supports up to 10). Unlimited generations. Unlimited Brand Voices. 100 credits/user/month. Full Chatsonic features

Enterprise Plan

  • Custom pricing
  • Contact sales for large businesses and enterprises
  • Includes: Custom seats and credits. SSO/SAML Login. Multiple LLM models. Custom templates and training. Priority support. Comprehensive features including AI Article Writer 6.0, SEO tools, and more

Jasper pricing

Free Plan ($0/month)

  • Start exploring the potential of AI-assisted content creation at no cost.
  • Features include an AI chatbot, basic brand voice settings, and access to select templates.
  • Ideal for individuals or small businesses testing AI capabilities.

Creator Plan ($39/month when billed yearly, $49/month when billed monthly)

  • Enhance content with powerful AI features accessible everywhere online.
  • Generates up to 10,000 words with AI.
  • Includes 1 user seat, 1 brand voice, 50+ templates, and browser extension.
  • Suitable for solo creators or small teams needing basic AI assistance.

Pro Plan ($59/month/seat when billed yearly, $69/month/seat when billed monthly)

  • Advanced AI features for creating content for multiple brands and team collaboration.
  • Unlimited feature usage including word count, brand voices, and knowledge assets.
  • 5 user seats included; additional seats available at extra cost.
  • Perfect for growing businesses and content teams needing comprehensive AI support.

Business Plan (Custom Pricing)

  • Tailored AI features with additional control, security, and support for larger teams.
  • Personalized AI with advanced features like custom workflows, API access, and dedicated account management.
  • Comprehensive onboarding and ongoing tech support.
  • Aimed at large organizations or enterprises requiring a bespoke AI solution.

All plans offer a 7-day risk-free cancellation policy. Save approximately 20% on yearly billing.

Is Jasper better than Writesonic?

Writesonic has a lot more tools to choose from and all of them have different content quality, whereas Jasper has fewer options to create content but more complicated content creation to get better results.

Is Jasper better than Writesonic?

I would say both are quite similar although Jasper is known for its better content quality for long-form blog posts and both have very similar pricing.

When using Writesonic I found it difficult to choose which AI writer to use as it has more than 15 options to choose from and Jasper is just clean and simple. So I would say I prefer Jasper to Writesonic.

Final thoughts

As much as I enjoy using these AI writing tools in the Jasper vs Writesonic question, you have to understand what your content needs are. With both Jasper vs Writesonic, I found that they still use AI phrases or sentences that I am not a big fan of.

Final thoughts

In 2024, of all the tools, Gemini probably has the most human-like text generation, but it cannot be used to create long-form articles. If you want a tool that is trained on your previous articles, you might want to look at GPT4All as it has this capability.

And of course, if none of these tools suit your needs, consider hiring AI experts like Idea Link who can help you create a custom tool tailored to you or your business. 


Domantas Alosevičius

Domantas Alosevičius

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