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Surfer SEO vs Semrush: Which is Better for Search Engine Rankings?

Domantas Alosevičius

Choosing the right tools to optimize your company’s SEO can be a headache. There are tons of SEO tools out there and it’s important to choose the right one for your company’s goals as usually SEO tools are not cheap, especially for small businesses. In this article, I will compare two similar but different SEO tools: SurferSEO vs. Semrush.

Surfer seo vs semrush

What is Surfer SEO?

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a powerful tool for optimizing digital content for search engines. It works by analyzing and suggesting improvements to web content to make it compliant with search engine algorithms. The tool is particularly valuable for SEO professionals, digital marketers, and content creators who want to improve their online visibility and search engine performance.

This SEO tool can be used for a variety of tasks, including related keywords research, content editing, and website audits. Its keyword research tool helps create effective SEO strategies by identifying relevant keywords. The content editing feature provides real-time guidance and suggestions to improve the SEO quality of written content. 

One of the standout features of Surfer SEO is its AI-driven capabilities. The platform can quickly generate optimized articles, using AI technology to optimize the content creation process. 

What is Semrush?

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a feature-rich digital marketing tool designed to help businesses and marketing professionals with their online marketing efforts. This multifunctional platform specializes in providing solutions for SEO, content marketing, competitive research, PPC, and social media marketing, all from a single, integrated platform. 

For SEO, Semrush offers a comprehensive set of tools to help increase organic traffic. This includes keyword research, backlink analysis, and technical SEO audits. These tools help to discover valuable specific keywords, analyze competitors’ backlink strategies, and identify technical issues that could affect website performance. 

With the ability to track SERP positions daily, Semrush allows users to closely monitor their search engine rankings and adjust strategies accordingly.

Surfer SEO key features

Surfer SEO key features
  • AI-Powered Article Generation: Surfer AI specializes in creating SEO-optimized articles swiftly, facilitating content creation across various industries.
  • Keyword Research: The platform offers tools for efficient SEO-ready content strategy development, helping users identify key terms for better search engine optimization.
  • Content Editor: Surfer AI’s content editor provides real-time guidelines and suggestions, enhancing the quality and relevance of the content being written.
  • SEO Audit and Optimization: Users can optimize their existing articles using Surfer AI’s audit feature, dominating their niche by improving on-page SEO.
  • Multilingual Content Support: Surfer AI enables content writing and optimization in multiple languages, expanding its utility to a global audience.
  • Plagiarism Check: The tool includes features to verify the authenticity of articles, helping users avoid plagiarism and maintain original content.
  • Integration with Major Platforms: Surfer AI seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Google Docs and WordPress, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Surfer SEO drawbacks

  • Cost: Compared to some competitors, Surfer SEO can be expensive, particularly for small businesses. 
  • Keyword Overview: While helpful, Surfer’s keyword research tool may not be the most comprehensive. It may struggle with low-volume keywords.
  • Limited Backlink Analysis: Surfer offers some backlink checking, but it’s not as informational as some SEO tools. 
  • AI Content Writing: Surfer’s AI writing feature is a relatively new addition, and some users report that it lags behind competitors in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.

Semrush key features

Semrush key features
  • SEO Toolkit: Semrush’s SEO tools include keyword research, backlink analysis, and technical SEO audits, enabling users to boost organic traffic and improve search engine results pages.
  • Content Marketing: With tools for content creation, optimization, and distribution, Semrush helps in crafting SEO-friendly content that engages audiences and drives organic traffic.
  • Market and Competitor Analysis: The platform provides insights into competitors’ strategies and market trends, helping businesses to identify opportunities and refine their marketing tactics.
  • Social Media and Advertising Tools: Semrush offers tools for social media scheduling, analytics, PPC campaign management, and advertising research, aiding in the creation of impactful online campaigns.
  • Agency Growth Kit: Tailored for agencies, this feature includes client management, reporting, and white-label solutions to streamline operations and enhance client engagement.

Semrush drawbacks

  • Cost: Semrush can be expensive, especially for smaller businesses or those just starting with SEO. 
  • Complexity: Semrush has a wide range of features, which can be overwhelming for new users. The interface can be cluttered and difficult to navigate, especially for those who are not familiar with SEO.
  • Data Limitations: While generally accurate, Semrush’s traffic estimates are not perfect and should be treated as a ballpark figure. Also, Semrush only provides data for Google searches. 

Surfer SEO Integrations

Surfer SEO Integrations
  • Surfer’s SEO tools with Jasper’s AI content writing: Requirements: Active subscriptions to both Jasper and Surfer. Features: SEO mode in Jasper dashboard. Ability to use Content Editor within Jasper. Linking existing Surfer guidelines and creating new ones in Jasper.
  • WordPress Plugin for Surfer Two-way functionality: Export from Content Editor to WordPress and vice versa. New feature: Write and optimize directly in WordPress with the Content Editor sidebar. Google Search Console integration for performance tracking. Keyword Research Module for keyword suggestions and SEO metrics.
  • Google Docs Extension for Surfer: Enhances Google Docs with Surfer Content Editor guidelines. Auto-loading and manual loading options. Share Google Docs with guidelines without needing a Surfer account.
  • Keyword Surfer Extension: A free Chrome extension for keyword analysis and suggestions in Google search. Shows monthly search volumes, similar keywords, and SEO data in Google search results. Allows exporting of keywords as CSV.

Semrush Integrations

Semrush Integrations

Integrations with Google Products:

  • Google Analytics: 7 integration points with Semrush, Automated Data Connector App, and Analytics Narratives App.
  • Google Search Console: 6 integration points on Semrush.
  • Google Ads: Integration via PPC toolkit for exporting/importing campaign plans, Ad Assistant App, Automated Data Connector App, and specialized widgets in My Reports.
  • Google Business Profile: Widget for local SEO data in My Reports, connection with Social Poster and Listing Management.
  • Gmail: Connect with Link Building Tool and Backlink Audit for email communications.
  • Google Docs: Integration with SEO Writing Assistant and ContentShake AI, and file storage in CRM tool via Google Cloud Platform.
  • Looker Studio: Import Semrush data into Looker Studio dashboards.
  • Google Sheets: Export reports and data for storage in CRM tool.
  • Google Search: SEOquake tool for analyzing Google search results metrics.
  • Google Tag Manager: Use with ImpactHero for website event tracking.
Integrations with Social Networks:

Integrations with Social Networks:

  • Facebook: Connect business top ranking pages with Social Poster, Social Tracker, Social Analytics, and Social Inbox.
  • Twitter: Integration with Social Poster and Social Tracker.
  • Pinterest: Integration with Social Poster and Social Tracker.
  • LinkedIn: Connect personal account with Social Poster, Social Analytics, and Social Inbox.
  • Instagram: Business page integration with Social Poster, Social Tracker, Social Analytics, and Social Inbox.
  • YouTube: Connect channel with Social Tracker.

Integrations with Partners:

  • All in One SEO (AIOSEO): Use Semrush keyword data for focus keyword assignment.
  • Pagecloud: Website optimization integration with Semrush.
  • Renderforest: Integration for keyword research.
  • Scalenut: Access to Semrush’s keyword and topic data.
  • SurferSEO: Weekly insights into competitors’ backlinks.
  • Wix: SEO features integration for Wix websites.
  • Quickblog: Access to Semrush’s keyword research data for SEO-ready blog content.

AI Integrations:

  • AI Writing Assistant: Generate various content types with customizable settings.
  • SEO Writing Assistant: AI-based features for content creation and editing.
  • ContentShake AI: Generate content ideas and optimization suggestions.
  • AI Social Content Generator: Personalized content generation and competitor insights.

Other Integrations:

  • WordPress: Connect with SEO Writing Assistant for content grading.
  • Trello: Integration with Site Audit, On-Page SEO Checker, and Topic Research.
  • Zapier: Connect Site Audit campaign for additional functionalities outside standard features.

Surfer SEO vs Semrush pricing

Surfer SEO vs Semrush pricing

Surfer SEO pricing


  • Monthly: $89/month.
  • Yearly: $69 per month, billed yearly ($828 total).
  • Ideal for small business owners and freelancers.
  • Write and optimize up to 30 articles per month or 360 articles yearly.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Invite up to 2 team members.


  • Monthly: $129/month.
  • Yearly: $99 per month, billed yearly ($1,188 total).
  • Suitable for mid-sized agencies & marketing teams.
  • Write and optimize up to 100 articles per month or 1200 articles yearly.
  • Audit, Keyword Research.
  • Invite up to 5 team members.


  • Monthly: $219/month.
  • Yearly: $179 per month, billed yearly ($2,148 total).
  • Designed for agencies and teams scaling up with AI.
  • Write and optimize up to 100 articles per month or 1200 articles yearly.
  • Generate up to 10 AI articles per month or 120 AI articles yearly.
  • Audit, Keyword Research.
  • Invite up to 5 team members, personalized onboarding.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Custom pricing, billed yearly. Contact Sales for more information.
  • For large agencies & marketing teams.
  • Custom number of articles with Content Editor and AI.
  • Audit, Keyword Research, SERP Analyzer, White Label, API.
  • Custom team size, personalized onboarding, and priority support.
SurferSeo UI

Additional features such as Content Editor, AI Articles, Keyword Research, Audits, SERP Analyzer, and API are available, with varying capacities based on the plan chosen. The plans also offer add-ons and team features tailored to different user needs. Unused credits do not roll over to the next month, except when upgrading to a different plan.

Semrush Pricing

Pro Plan:

  • Monthly Price: $129.95
  • Suitable for newbies and small teams
  • Includes 5 projects and 500 keywords to track
  • Offers 10,000 results per report
  • Features include competitor analysis, keyword research, website audit, backlink analysis, advertising tools

Guru Plan:

  • Monthly Price: $249.95
  • Ideal for agencies and mid-size businesses
  • Includes 15 projects and 1,500 keywords to track
  • Offers 30,000 results per report
  • All Pro features plus Content Marketing Toolkit, historical data, multi-location and device tracking, Looker Studio integration

Business Plan:

  • Monthly Price: $499.95
  • Designed for large agencies and enterprises
  • Includes 40 projects and 5,000 keywords to track
  • Offers 50,000 results per report
  • All Guru features plus Share of Voice, extended limits, API access, PLA analytics, free migration from third-party tools

Additional features include:

  • Additional users: Ranging from $45/mo to $100/mo per user depending on the plan
  • Semrush Local: Basic plan at $20/mo and Premium plan at $40/mo
  • Semrush Trends: $200/mo per user
  • Semrush Social: $29.99/mo
  • Agency Growth Kit: Starts at $69/mo, scaling up to $249/mo
  • ImpactHero: $200/mo

Which is better: Surfer SEO vs Semrush?

SurferSEO is better for content optimization and basic SEO strategy research and has a more user-friendly interface. Semrush is better for competitive analysis, keyword research and overall gaining valuable insights.

Which is better: Surfer SEO vs Semrush?

The choice between Surfer SEO and Semrush depends on your specific needs and resources. If your focus is primarily on content optimization with an easy-to-use interface, Surfer SEO is an excellent choice.

However, if you’re looking for an all-encompassing digital marketing tool that offers depth in competitive analysis, keyword research, and backlink strategies, Semrush might be more suitable, especially for larger teams and agencies.

Both tools are investments in your digital presence. Understanding your goals, budget, and the scale of your SEO is key to making the best choice. 


Domantas Alosevičius

Domantas Alosevičius


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