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Top 8 Bubble Plugins to Supercharge your No Code App

Linas Kiguolis

When we first started using Bubble a few years ago, it was a struggle to find out little performance-boosting features from the plugins store. Since then, the store has upgraded a lot. Today, we have thousands of plugins created by team Bubble and the community to make your life easy. Whether you are building a website, mobile app, or web app, these plugins will help you make your product powerful. We have curated the list of the top Bubble Plugins. But before jumping to the list, it is important to understand the Pros and Cons of these plugins.

Top Bubble Plugins to Supercharge your No Code app

Top Benefits and Drawbacks of Plugins


Saves time 

When you are using a plugin instead of building the feature yourself or automating the services, you are saving a lot of time that could be used in strategizing or adding new features to your product.

Provides Support

The plugins created by Bubble would provide support according to industry standards but apart from that, it is a little variable. Some plugin owners might respond within a day and some might ghost you forever. If support is necessary for you, research your plugin builders before investing or even installing.


The pricing is divided into two parts:

1. Monthly 

2. Lifetime

Although a lot of plugins do not have a lifetime payment option, the prices are nominal. If there is a plugin that is a requisite for your business, you can contact the creator for a customized plan. It might not work every time, but it’s worth a shot.

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Image by Sarah Pflug on Burst


Increased Load time

Each of these plugins will have an impact on the performance of your app. Beta test the load time of your product after installing a plugin. We advise not to install a lot of plugins of animations and visual value unless they are necessary for your product. Since they load in a ton of external Javascript slowing your pages down.

Do not be afraid though,  there are other ways to decrease the load time [1] of your app.


Bubble has divided plugins into various categories. Most of these plugins overlap with two or three categories. Here is a brief description of the most popular categories.

  • Media – The plugins that allow you to easily add media (Photos, Videos, Animations) to the app.
  • Location – The plugins for adding maps, distance matrix, and different time zones to your Bubble app.
  • Social Network – This category of plugins allows you to add integrations of social media to your Bubble app. These plugins will help you embed YouTube playlists and integrate Discord channels with your website or app.
  • Payment – Power up your app with payment gateway integration. Get API to connect services like PayPal and Stripe to your product.
  • Data (things) – A wide array of plugins that allow you to navigate, store or manage data are included in this category.

Top Bubble Plugins That You Must Try

Spin to Win Wheel

Price – $5/month

Categories – Small Business, Productivity, Mobile, Technical, Visual Elements.

The Spin to Win Wheel plugin is a plugin developed to enable you to implement an e-commerce style discount wheel that gives discounts to customers in exchange for their email address.

You can integrate the wheel into pop ups in your Bubble app. The authors of the plugin suggest that the conversion rate of a spin-to-win wheel is usually around 13%, which is why it is a useful addition to your Bubble app if it is aimed at eCommerce.

One of the benefits of this pop up is that its results can be saved in a database and are also eligible to be used in Bubble workflows.

You can customise the probability percentage of spinning each element of the wheel, modify their appearance and the number of elements.


best bubble plugins: toolbox

Price – Free

Categories – Visual Elements, Technical, Data (things)

Toolbox allows you to extend the functionalities of Bubble by letting you run Javascript code within your app. It is highly reviewed by the community with over 275k installs. The support available to solve problems with this plugin is also massive. No wonder why it is the first plugin that shows up in the Bubble Plugin Marketplace.

Here’s the list of Javascript and utility elements available in Toolbox:

  • List of Numbers.
  • Expression.
  • Javascript to Bubble.
  • List Item Expression.
  • Run JavaScript (workflow action).
  • Server Script (server workflow action).

Bubble to Airtable Two-way Sync

Best Bubble Plugins 2022: Bubble to Airtable Two-way Sync

Price – $25/month

Categories – Data (things), Technical, Productivity, Visual Elements

This plugin allows you to synchronize all of your Bubble data with AirTable and the other way around. You can now have the same database entries on Airtable & Bubble so that you could use native Bubble features and not need to deal with the Airtable API, slow loading speeds, and other issues such as API throttling. This opens up your database for editing by non-technical staff, since Airtable is much easier to use.

Some key features of this plugin are 

  • Copy data from one database to another
  • Insert rows
  • Update rows and tables
  • Delete rows, tables, and lists
  • Update relationships between tables

You can see a detailed guide on how to install and integrate Two-way Sync on your app. If you are a fan of Bubble and Airtable, this is the easiest way to sync your database and automate your workflow. The builders of this plugin have a very dedicated support team that will help you with your queries.

Advanced Multi Uploader

Best Bubble Plugins 2022: Advanced Multi Uploader

Price – $10/month or $25 for lifetime

Categories – Productivity, Mobile, Data (things), Visual Elements, Media, Compliance, Input Forms

It is as simple as it is effective. Add images/file uploader to your app. The plugin supports live preview, image/file size limits, and file type. You can collect just specific types of files if you want to. The plugin is highly customizable and comes with a ton of resources to learn at Zerocode, the agency that created the plugin.

Stripe.js 2

Best bubble plugins 2022: Stripe.js 2

Price – Free

Categories – Visual Elements, Payment, Small Business, Technical, Ecommerce, Analytics

Manage and accept payments on your app with Stripe.js 2. With 20k+ installs, this is one of the top payment plugins at Bubble marketplace. Charge payments, process cards & bank accounts, and create and pay sellers with all your apps. If you want to get a comprehensive understanding of installing and implementing this plugin, we recommend you watch the courses Payments [2] and Subscriptions [3] which would take roughly 4 hours.

VagueTime Timestamps

Best Bubble Plugins 2022: VagueTime Timestamps: Device and IP Address Data + Map

Price – Free

Categories – Technical, Productivity, Visual Elements

This is another simple plugin. It takes the timestamps from your websites and turns them into vague timestamps like 3 days ago, a few minutes ago, and 1 year ago. Since users are not robots and don’t want to see ‘Thursday, 07 Apr 2022 14:53:13 GMT’ above their comment.

Device and IP Address Data + Map

best bubble plugins 2022: Device and IP Address Data + Map

Price – $5/month or $19 once

Categories – Analytics, Location, Mobile, Data (things), Web Scraping, Visual Elements

Get device and IP address data (quite an unwieldy name) by Idea Link is a simple plugin that lets you access basically all of the 20 different user parameters of your app visitors that are possible to collect by Bubble. Track the country, country code, city, coordinates, browser, OS info and more.

Added in the latest update, the plugin now features a map that shows the approximate location of your user.

The information can be kept private or displayed in your app, it can also be added to a database of your choice. 

Use this one to improve your analytics insights, alter user paths based on their data (for example, making Android users see different pages of the app than iOS users) and more. By customising workflow conditions based on your customer’s personal data, you can improve their experience.

For example, some default elements of your app might look interactive on mobile devices, even though they are not. You can make them lead to where the customer wants to go to decrease the frustration of your mobile users.

Image Compressor and Uploader

Best Bubble Plugins 2022: Image Compressor and Uploader

Price – Free

Categories – Productivity, Web Scraping, Containers, Media, Data (things)

This plugin allows you to compress all the images before you upload them to your product. It helps decrease the load time of your app. You can check out their free demo to get a grasp of the functionalities of this tool. You can select the output quality and aspect ratio to get your desired results and set compress quality from 0 to 1.

Wrap Up

Hence, that was our list of top plugins in the Bubble Marketplace. There are thousands of plugins and we are discovering new ones every day. We couldn’t add every one of the plugins here but here are some honorable mentions:

Reload on Update – Do you remember sending the message – “We have updated this page. Please reload to see the changes.” This plugin automatically reloads the page instead of waiting for your customer to click on it. It’s a solution to a very small yet crucial problem that app developers face.

SAWO Passwordless Authentication – Onboarding users on your Bubble app without passwords. This plugin authenticates using the user’s phone number or email.

Air Static Dropdown Labels – Add intelligent dropdown labels to your app distinctive from their values.

If there is a plugin that we missed out on, you can let us know on Twitter. While you are there, follow us in our pursuit of providing knowledge and tracking the No Code industry in detail.


Linas Kiguolis
As a founder of a traditional software development agency Bright Projects and numerous blockchain projects such as Ertha and Spellfire, Linas is the most experienced member of our crew. He provides a critical perspective towards No Code tools and their capabilities, as there are still many fields where they still cannot replace good old coding.


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