post-image Webflow vs Squarespace 2022 - Do You Need a Pro or Basic Website Builder?

A small business in 2022 simply cannot flourish without an online presence. And no, when we say online presence, we don't mean a Facebook page or a traditional mailer. While those are useful in digital transformation, they are not the primary resources for developing a solid digital footprint. A strong digital presence eventually translates to […]

post-image 2022 Webflow Review: Full Breakdown Of All-In-One Web Design Tool 

The market is saturated with a lot of other website builders offering easy-to-use tools that could solve all web design challenges. But when you use them, you discover several shortcomings in both the developmental and design aspects. Just a few keep to their promise.  When creating a website, a few different tools are used. From […]

post-image Pro Code vs. No Code vs. Low Code in 2022: What's The Difference?

As humans, we often get challenged and tested. And, even without challenges, we're constantly striving to find ways to make life easier. That explains why we always seem to adapt to the constancy of change - innovating and envisioning new ways to solve problems in our world. As you may already know, our world is […]

post-image Zyro Review: Is This The Best Professional Website Builder In 2022?

On average, internet consumers make up their minds about your website in less than a second. Therefore, fast loading times and important information at the top of your website are essential to impress your visitors. Eighty-one percent of people conduct online research before making a purchase decision for a business or service. Choosing the correct […]

post-image Coda vs Airtable in 2022: Which No Code Database Management Tool Is Best For You? 

Managing data and information is one of the most important aspects of day-to-day operation in many companies. Whether you’re running a medium-sized business or a large enterprise or corporation, you need a way to maintain company data. In the past, Google or Excel sheets were the go-to tools for data management.  However, as companies began […]

post-image 2022 Carrd Review: The Best And Worst Of The No Code Website Builder

Website development without coding is not a new thing anymore. WordPress has been helping citizen developers create websites and landing pages for 15+ years now. Although you don’t require any coding skills, you might realize that platforms like Wix and WordPress are not really simple. You need to spend some hours understanding how it works […]

post-image The Ultimate 2022 ClickUp Review: A One-Stop Shop For Project Management Software

Are you having difficulties managing different work stages of your employees or team? Or you're probably going through a dilemma in choosing a proper tool to help. This ClickUp review would be sure to help you out of that dilemma. The ClickUp tool was created to optimize your workforce and increase your production exponentially. We will […]

post-image Business Process Automation in 2022: What, Why and Easy DIY

In business, time is money. The faster you can get tasks done, the more money you make. That's why business process automation is so important. Business process automation is the use of technology to automate business tasks. You might think that you need specialists to set up your business automation system. However, the good news […]

post-image Top 7 Customer Engagement Platforms To Power Your Interactions With Customers  

The traditional customer journey was simple. It began with seeing an ad on TV or in a newspaper, then popping in at a local store to discuss it with a salesperson. Even with the widespread adoption of phone calls and email as communication channels, customer engagement was a lot easier for businesses. Today things are more […]

post-image How to Use Carrd to Develop a Responsive One-Page Site

Building a website was a tough task back in 2010. But after the introduction of No Code website builder platforms like Zyro and Elementor, it has become smooth and effortless. Anyone with a computer, internet, and enough willingness can build an amazing website without writing a single line of code within a few days. The […]

post-image Selecting the Best 2022 Web and Mobile App Builder - No Coding Required

Unless you're a professional developer or have been keeping up with the recent trends in the digital world, the idea of building apps yourself from scratch will seem outlandish. And understandably so. For quite a long time now, most businesses have entrusted the whole app development process entirely to professional developers. So what's the problem? […]

post-image Zyro vs Squarespace in 2022: Which Website Builder Suits You Better?

Building a website is not that complicated anymore. Nowadays, small business owners can build their own websites easily and quickly with drag and drop website-building tools. Whether for a business portfolio, blogging, or just a platform to sell online, website builders can help users create custom websites without any coding knowledge. However, not all website […]

post-image Best App Makers In the No Code Industry 2022

Choosing the right app builder is crucial, like laying a solid foundation. There are so many factors that go into app development that it is almost impossible to intuitively go for it. The first step of this app development process is choosing an app maker. No Code software helps you develop native apps or progressive […]

post-image 2022 Appy Pie App Builder Review: All You Need to Know

The cost of creating technology has decreased with the No Code revolution. You can develop websites, web apps, internal tools or mobile apps without writing any code. Appy Pie is one of the leaders in the No Code movement which lets you build mobile applications without technical skills or coding knowledge. Like every other platform, […]

post-image Picking The Best No Code NFT Collection Generator: 6 Options

NFT isn’t just a buzzword that Gary Vee uses to make his clips go viral. It is a digital asset that is valued at a high price depending on the rarity and some other factors that we will see in this blog. An increase in market value due to scarcity isn’t a new concept to […]

post-image Top ClickUp Alternative To Watch in 2022

Productivity is the biggest currency in today’s job market. We have started to realize that work hours are different from productivity. That’s why we have the whole industry of project management software targeting their focus towards increasing productivity. ClickUp is one of these platforms that allows you to create an automated and productive workflow. If […]

post-image Top 7 Low Code App Builders You Should Try Out In 2022

These days, building native, hybrid, web, and business apps have become easier than ever thanks to Low Code app builders. In the past, you’ll need to hire a developer and spend a huge amount of money before you get a working app. That’s not to mention the weeks or even months of waiting before your app […]

post-image Webflow vs Shopify: Which Is Better for Your E-commerce Business? 

For anyone looking to get started with selling products or services online, setting up your eCommerce website is arguably the most important part of the job.  These days, there are several eCommerce platforms on the market with each one offering different features, marketing functionalities, and other tools to help you sell your products seamlessly.  Two […]

post-image The Best Free Spreadsheet Apps - 2022 Review

Spreadsheets are an essential part of any growing business. The primary purpose of spreadsheets is to track, categorize, and organize data. But ultimately, spreadsheets help achieve goals and make better business decisions. One of the better business decisions you can make early on is using a free spreadsheet app. It's been about 40 years since […]

post-image Choosing a No Code App Builder Free of Cost - 5 Great Deals

Does this sound familiar? A seasoned expert or maybe just a nerd or group of nerds, sitting in front of their computer, tweaking, screening, and typing code faster than you can read or understand. Well, that's pretty much what every non-technical person or business user sees when thinking about app development. Such a scene starts […]

post-image 7 No Code Bootcamp Programs to Build Startups in 2022

We've been witnessing a massive breakthrough in the digital world with the global evolution of software development. Recent software applications have shown that complex-function applications can be easy to use, and the development process of such apps can be even more straightforward. Low Code and No Code tools are the pioneers of this breakthrough and […]

post-image 6 Low Code Web App Builders For Startups and Corporations

The concept of Web app development dates way back to the Web 1.0 era in 1999. Then, the Java language had just introduced the concept in the Servlet Specification version 2.2. Following that came the first versions of many technologies and client-intensive web apps like Gmail. At that time, the only people able to manipulate […]

post-image Best No Code Job Boards and How to Create One

The No Code movement has completely changed the fundamentals of developing tech by democratizing technological innovation for everyone. The gap between idea and execution keeps getting smaller. Till now, learning how to code was the biggest friction when it came to creating software, apps, or websites. Hiring coders or ‘done for you’ agencies came with […]

post-image Is Appy Pie Legit or Unreliable? 2022 Investigation 

At this point, all of us have heard about developing apps without writing a single line of code. Appy Pie is one such No Code app builder that makes it significantly easy for a non-technical user to develop mobile apps. It specializes in mobile app development but you can also create a website, chatbot and […]

post-image No Code Automation vs Code Automation: Which Is Better in 2022?

Digital transformation is more than just an industry buzzword that came up in recent years. It is happening, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. Companies and entrepreneurs that don't keep up with the growing trends of digital transformation find it difficult to stay relevant and competitive in dynamic markets.  To that end, businesses […]

post-image What Can You Build With Low Code? 9 Use Cases and Low Code Examples  

The past few years have seen the eruption of Low Code tools into the software development industry and for good reason. What's better for business people and startups than a way to build apps quickly without paying expensive professional developer hiring fees? Moreover, Low Code and No Code development has also found favor with larger […]

post-image Top No Code Mobile App Builders of All Time

Over the last decade, the barriers to creating a mobile app are getting fewer and fewer. Today in 2022, you can publish your very own mobile app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store without even writing a single line of code. We are at a stage of the No Code revolution where […]

post-image Best Open Source Low Code Platforms For You In 2022

The past few years has seen a rapid rise in No Code and Low Code platforms for application development. These platforms make it possible for large enterprises and small-scale businesses to build websites, applications, and business tools without a need to write custom code from scratch.  A Low Code development platform takes a visual approach […]

post-image 5 Best No Code Backend Development Platforms You Should Be Aware of in 2022

When you really observe the Low Code history, it’s evident that coding was initially intended to enable everyday users and professional developers to create custom software. But we all know that has not been the case for the most part. Software development has long been left for professional developers who’ve dedicated years to study and […]

post-image Top No Code Conferences That You Shouldn’t Miss in 2022

The No Code industry is booming as new products launch every week. A lot of tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Meta have started investing their time, money, and focus towards innovating No Code. We have occasional conferences that reflect upon the innovations and connect people across the world through digital platforms. These conferences are […]

post-image Webflow vs Editor X: Which One’s Worth Your Money in 2022?

In the world of No Code web design, choosing the right No Code tool for your project is perhaps the most important step.  Whether you’re building a personal website, building an eCommerce store, or working on a professional website project for a client, you need a building tool that meets your needs.  In this blog, […]

post-image Top Webflow Agencies of All Time 2022

Developing a simple Webflow website is easy, but adding customizations might be a little difficult for new citizen developers. You can outsource your project to a Webflow agency. They are equipped with the skills and expertise needed to solve your problem. In this blog, we will list down top Webflow agencies to check out if […]

post-image 8 Cheapest Low Code Development Platforms To Use in 2022

All successful businesses have one thing in common. No, it’s not great customer service and experience, it’s profit. Of course, all successful businesses must function to provide excellent customer service but that’s just a means to the end of making a profit. These days, these successful businesses have developed another thing in common – integrating […]

post-image Top 5 No Code Website Builders

Is it possible to build a website without code? A few years ago, the answer to that question would have been negative. These days, it is possible to build a fully-functional website with multiple pages and a wide range of features without writing a line of code.  Thanks to No Code website builders, professional designers […]

post-image Top No Code Marketplace Apps Ever Created

E-commerce and Online Marketplaces have exploded in popularity over the past few years. The world’s largest online marketplaces sold $3.23 trillion through their digital platforms in 2021 and accounted for two-thirds of global eCommerce sales. While there are huge players like Craigslist and eBay in the market, there is a need for niche marketplaces designed […]

post-image Top No Code Games and How to Create Them?

Video games are a big part of all of our lives. They are fun because they take us to new realities and satisfy our needs for achievement and recognition. Even if you are not a pro streamer or gamer, all of us were guilty of binging Angry Birds or Candy Crush at some point.  There […]

post-image Webflow Vs. Elementor Review - Which is the Better Website Builder?

When you consider the potential return on investment a good website can offer you as a business owner, it’s hard not to want to build one right away. Unfortunately, it used to be impossible to build websites without paying expensive professional web developer hiring fees. That is not particularly enjoyable for small businesses especially. Now, […]

post-image The Most Comprehensive AppMaster Review You Will Ever Read

It’s 2022, and we are at the point of the digital age where the pace of technological innovations is exponentially rising. Several organizations have started adopting No Code development to fulfill the shortage of developers. You can use No Code apps to build web and mobile applications without writing a single line of code. AppMaster […]

post-image Top 10 Low Code Development Vendors For Your Next Project

These days, Low Code development vendors make it possible to build robust, fully-functional products without writing a line of code. There are several startups today that were built with Low Code development platforms.  The rise in products like this is causing a major disruption in the startup ecosystem.  Although Low Code tools are often touted […]

post-image 7 Outstanding No Code Startups Built Without Code

As the world progresses further into the 21st Century, software applications and websites have become an increasingly crucial part of every endeavor. This trend is expressed very blatantly in the world of business.  From large companies to small businesses, every industry now relies on the capabilities of web apps. It’s also not far-fetched to say […]

post-image Is Low Code Data Science the Future of Data?

Data Science as a discipline has evolved and got itself placed as the most employable skill in 2022 in almost every list. Data is crucial for everything from making business decisions to framing national policies. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of the top components involved in the domain of Data Science. Since it […]

post-image 8 Best Low Code Platforms For Building Apps Fast Without Coding

According to a Gartner report, it is estimated that Low Code application development platforms will be responsible for over 65% of application development by 2024. This projection shows just how important low-code development is today and how massive it could be in the future.  Low Code development refers to the act of using a visual […]

post-image 7 Reasons Why Users Love Low Code Platforms

Low Code development platforms have been around for quite some time now. We have seen a rise in the adoption of Low Code tools across industries. A common question that arises amongst new readers is “Why use Low Code platform?”. If you are just scratching the surface of the Low Code and No Code industry, […]

post-image No Code Automation Vs. Low Code Automation - Which Should I Choose?

There is a big debate between proponents of No Code automation and Low Code automation in the software industry. No Code automation tools allow users to create software without any coding, while code automation tools require users to write code in order to create software. Supporters of No Code automation argue that it is easier […]

post-image Thunkable, No Code Mobile App Development Platform Raises $30 Million

Thunkable is one of the leaders of the No Code Movement. It was launched by Arun Saigal (CEO) and WeiHua Li (CTO) with the idea of democratizing digital innovation for non-technical developers. Since its launch, Thunkable has evolved its functionalities and created a No Code community of 3 million users from 184 different countries creating […]

post-image Top 6 Platforms to Build a Customized Low Code Chatbot

Chatbots are more than just simple applications to assist users through FAQs. Chatbots understand human problems with artificial intelligence & natural language processing. They guide customers to their solutions and keep your support staff from getting cluttered with repetitive problems. Chatbot acts as a virtual assistant for your customer experience touchpoints. It creates a true […]

post-image Introducing RAMPP, a No Code Platform to Build NFT Communities

The year 2022 has finished a quarter, we can see the popularity of No Code tech increasing  exponentially. Apart from No Code, there is another buzz going on in the investment and digital artwork industry. Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs. There are still extreme views on whether it’s just a fad or an investment opportunity. But […]

post-image Top No Code Software Development Tools of All Time [2022]

We are in an era of digital transformations across the globe. The future of No Code is predicted to be revolutionary. The current advancements in No Code tools are remarkable. The power of creating software shifted from Coders to Citizen Developers. Anyone with an idea can create apps through a visual interface. When you are planning […]

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